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'All About Library Music' article



Napisano: 2018-05-08 15:13:20

I saw the 'All about library music' article on the website today. However, only 10% of it was readable due to the fact I am not a subscriber (yet!). Being a keen amateur composer and organist, this library music idea is quite an interesting concept and I would certainly like to know more.
With this in mind, I saw the picture of the splendidly ornate, Ca.15th Century library interior at the head of the article and it prompted me to pop down to my own (somewhat less impressive) local library in order to obtain further information on the subject. I like to go there most days; I do read alot and yes, some music would indeed liven the place up.
However, upon my asking: 'how do I get to write music for a library?' I was met with a fair degree of bewilderment - perhaps even bordering on contempt, as the chief librarian pointed out to me (quite sternly I have to say) that most libraries require noise levels 'be kept to an absolute minimum'. Somewhat confused, I can only assume that 'library music' has not reached Bilston yet.
Perhaps someone could provide a list of libraries in the West Midlands locale whose staff are perhaps a little more up to date and who DO require music?

Any help will be apprecited.

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