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Cygnosic - Fallen (Limited 2CD Digipak)
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Cygnosic - Fallen (Limited 2CD Digipak)


Data wydania: 2012-12-14

Wydawca: Deathwatch Asia

Disc 1 "fallen"
01. As We Approach The End
02. The Fallen
03. One Step Forward
04. Decide
05. Realize
06. Bury Your Hate
07. What Lies Behind
08. The Time Has Come
09. Altered Directions
10. Blindfold
11. Bury Your Hate (x-fusion Remix)
12. One Step Forward (alien Vampires Remix)
13. As We Approach The End (preemptive Strike 0.1 Remix)
14. Decide (siva Six Remix)
15. What Lies Behind (c-lekktor Remix)
16. As We Approach The End (dj Liquix Remix)
Disc 2 "risen"
01. Burn (cygnosic Vs Siva Six)
02. Blindfold (aktivehate Remix)
03. Altered Directions (cutoff: Sky Remix)
04. The Time Has Come (touched By Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
05. What Lies Behind (extinction Front Remix)
06. Bury Your Hate (studio-x Remix)
07. Realize (diffuzion Remix)
08. Decide (terrorkode Remix)
09. One Step Forward (de_tot_cor Remix)
10. The Fallen (freakangel Remix)
11. As We Approach The End (gameboy 8-bit Remix By Video Game Orchestra)
12. Rising