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Das Fluff Femme Fatale Electro Special With V Special Guests!
Das Fluff Femme Fatale Electro Special With V Special Guests! - London, Electrowerkz
Rozpoczęcie: Sobota 2018-06-02 19:00
Zakończenie: Sobota 2018-06-02 23:15
Wstęp: £10.00
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Autor: carpenterk
Kategoria: Koncert
Miejsce:United Kingdom, London, Electrowerkz (7 Torrens Street)
Flag Promotions Present a fantastic night of female fronted awesomeness with an international line up of the best up 'n' coming Sleazy Electro Post Punk acts on the planet.

Expect a night of dark femme fatale rage, fury and excitement on the night of June 2 at Electrowerkz.

Ticket includes Free Admission to Slimelight Club after the bands

Das Fluff (from UK/Berlin - Album Launch Party)
Black Nail Cabaret (from Hungary)
She Made Me Do It
The Frixion (Album Launch Party)

DAS FLUFF is Berlin/London based Frontwoman/producer/writer Dawn Lintern. Always living up to her reputation for mesmerising, intimidating and terrifying audiences. Her voice is her weapon, the shriekings of a she-devil mixed with angelic sweetness – don’t miss!

Dawn's dark and powerful music is ever-evolving as she embraces collaborators new and long-standing, including Christian Ruland who brings cutting edge creative electronic experimentation to the band's live sound with his combinations of theremins, pedals, samplers and distinctive visuals.

This will be Das Fluff’s first major performance in London since supporting Clan of Xymox last September and headlining tours in Asia (Japan, Thailand and Vietnam).
Das Fluff have supported post-punk luminaries such as such as Viv Albertine, Lene Lovich, Toyah and Lydia Lunch and headlined gigs around the world since 2010 in the UK, US, Germany and Asia.

'Adding punk edge to the surging beats of Numan and Depeche Mode inspired electro, with a bit of Throbbing Gristle chucked in for good measure.'

'Her presence truly is alluring, dangerous, charming. Coquettishness edged with menace. Star of the night, there can be no doubt about that.' KZME Radio review live performance in Portland, Oregon

'Das Fluff lift with flagrant stealth from glam and post-punk and the secret, seldom plundered visceral vaults of electro-goth to produce a sui generis blast that imagines Siouxsie as half Iggy half Grace Jones.' Stereoembersmagazine

'...there is menace in the air, Au Pairs meets Siouxsie and the Banshees... dark flirtations and sinister airs as pulses and melodies suggestively invade and swim the senses... pure drama, an irresistible fire of emotion and intensity borne of daring imagination.' Ringmaster review

The Femme fatale Night will also see the release of DAS FLUFF’S fourth album.

She Made Me Do It

She Made Me Do It are a London two-piece New Wave Electronica style band made up of Shaheena Dax (Rachel Stamp) on Vocals and Keyboards with Will Crewdson (Rachel Stamp / Scant Regard / Adam Ant / Bow Wow Wow / Flesh for Lulu / Johnette Napolitano / The Selecter / Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic) on Guitars and Keyboards.

2nd album, The Frantic Legion out now through Catranstic/Cargo.

Tickets 10 advance (+ booking fee) or 12 on the door including entrance to Slimelight afterparty