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De/Vision - Best Of (Limited 2CD)
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De/Vision - Best Of (Limited 2CD)


Data wydania: 2006-11-24

Wydawca: E-Wave

Disc 1 :-
01. Foreigner (Radio Edit)
02. The End (Radio Club Edit)
03. Strange Affection (Album Edit)
04. Heart-Shaped Tumor (Radio Edit)
05. Drifting Sideways (Radio Cut)
06. Unputdownable (Single Edit)
07. Love Will Find A Way
08. The Day's Not Done (Album Version)
09. Miss You More (Radio Cut)
10. I'm Not Dreaming Of You (Album Version)
11. We Fly... Tonight (Radio Edit)
12. Still Unknown (Album Version)
13. Lonely Day (Radio Cut)
14. Aimee (Album Version)
15. Freedom (Album Short Cut)
16. Digital Dream (Album Version)
17. 6 Feet Underground (Album Version)

Disc 2 :-
01. Heart-Shaped Tumor (Straight Mix)
02. I'm Not Dreaming Of You (Extended Club Version)
03. Digital Dream (Mesh Classical Cupboard Cut)
04. Still Unknown (Andrew Sega Mix) remixed by Andrew Sega (Iris)
05. The End (Extended Club Version)
06. Summer Sun (Out Of Sight Out Of Mind Mix) remixed by Soni Code
07. Miss You More (Telekommander Mix)
08. Drifting Sideways (T.O.Y.toburger Wald Mix)
09. Aimee (Intuition Remix)
10. Breathless
11. Turn Me On (Wave In Head Mix)
12. Sadness (The Sad death of Mix)
13. Star-Crossed Lovers (In A Black Hole Mix) remixed by ROTOSKOP
14. The Day's Not Done (Scopehead Mix) remixed by ROTOSKOP