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Christ Vs. Warhol - Dissent (CD)
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Christ Vs. Warhol - Spooky Action [at a distance]
Spooky Action [at a distance]
Data wydania: 2016-03-28
Wydawca: Self-released


Christ Vs. Warhol - Dissent (CD)

Christ Vs. Warhol

Data wydania: 2010-11-22

Wydawca: Danse Macabre

01. A New Model Of The Universe
02. Cross Of Lorraine
03. Paper Dolls
04. Dissent
05. At Exactly The Right Time
06. Secret
07. Fade
08. And If You Forget
09. The Trigger
10. The End Is Nigh
11. Fools Gold
12. Transmission
13. Robin Hood In Reverse