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Fields Of The Nephilim
Fields Of The Nephilim - Lyss, Kulturfabrik KUFA Lyss
Rozpoczęcie: Czwartek 2012-03-08 19:30
Zakończenie: Czwartek 2012-03-08 23:30
Wstęp: CHF 55.00
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Autor: ShinePoisonIvy
Kategoria: Koncert
Miejsce:Switzerland, Lyss, Kulturfabrik KUFA Lyss (Werdtstrasse 17, 3250 Lyss)
Fields of the Nephilim - legendary band from UK - confirmed 2012 Tour date for Switzerland - 08.03.2011 Kufa in Lyss, Switzerland.
Anyone who has ever had a chance to meet with the legend knows, that the atmosphere during performances Fields of the Nephilim is very special and worth it.
All of the music, text, extremely distinctive vocals and dance of light takes a participant in a kind of rapture and a completely different dimension of artistic experiences.

,Mourning Sun' released in 2005 is the last studio album of this legendary formation so far. With a great hope we are waiting for the next album, whose vision appears from time to time in interviews with the enigmatic leader of Fields of the Nephilim - Carl McCoy.

In 2008 they played two sold out shows at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire which were filmed and are now being released in early 2012 as ‘Ceromonies’. The release of ‘Ceromonies’, the double live album and DVD on March 5th 2012.
Subtitled ‘Ad Mortem, Ad Vitam’ (To Death, For Life), this release marks the closing of one chapter in Fields Of The Nephilim’s history paving the way for what is soon to come.