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The Azoic - Forward + Conflict
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The Azoic - Re:Illumination

Data wydania: 2007-11-05
Wydawca: Nilaihah Records
The Azoic - Illuminate

Data wydania: 2004-10-25
Wydawca: Nilaihah/Infacted Recordings
The Azoic - Conflict
Data wydania: 2003-06-10
Wydawca: Nilaihah Records
The Azoic - Forward...

Data wydania: 2001-06-10
Wydawca: Nilaihah Records
The Azoic - Where Broken Angels Lie
Where Broken Angels Lie

Data wydania: 1998-05-01
Wydawca: Nilaihah Records
The Azoic - The divine suffering
The divine suffering

Data wydania: 1997-04-16
Wydawca: Worm Records


The Azoic - Forward + Conflict

The Azoic

Data wydania: 2004-02-02

Wydawca: Infacted Recordings

01. Conflict [Turmoil mix]-by The Azoic
02. Conflict (Combichrist mix)
03. Carve into You [2003 edit] -unreleased - MP3
04. Progression [dirge] -by Assemblage 23
05. Not Justified
06. Conflict -by Massiv in Mensch mix)
07. Evolution
08. Redemption
09. Lost
10. Conflict (phaze mix) -by Negative Format
11. Not Justified (MADEbelief mix) -unreleased
12. Conflict [Alpha Conspiracy mix] -by Iris
13. Harsh Reality
14. Evolution [dillusional mix] -by Flesh Field
15. Progression (God Module mix) -unreleased