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Horologium - Earthbound (CD Digipak)
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Horologium - A Handful Of Dust
A Handful Of Dust
Album Ltd.
Data wydania: 2005-03-26
Wydawca: Cynfeirdd

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Horologium - Earthbound (CD Digipak)


Data wydania: 2008-06-16

Wydawca: Old Europa Café

01. Introduction: Dionysus Vs. Apollo
02. Elegy For The Mediocre, Lesson To The Worthy
03. The Return Of The Sun (vocals - Eustacia Vye)
04. Nasz Wieczny Smiech
05. The Watchers (between The Ages)
06. The Immoralist Creed (vocals - Maria Southgate)
07. Kazanie Ogniste Iii
08. Untitled