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Kirlian Camera - Coroner's Sun (2CD Ltd. Edition)
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Kirlian Camera - Coroner's Sun (2CD Ltd. Edition)

Kirlian Camera

Data wydania: 2006-06-08

Wydawca: Trisol

01. Panic Area
02. Coroner's Sun (Official Version)
03. Beauty As A Sin
04. Illegal Apology Of Crime
05. Kaczynski Code
06. CIA Haunted Headquarters
07. No One Remained
08. Koma-Menschen
09. Citizen Una
10. The Day Of Flowers (Incl. "Il Cielo Prima Della Fine")
11. Dead Zone In The Sky (Re-Mix By Punto Omega)
12. Days To Come (Neons In The Rain Re-Mix)
13. Kaczynski Code (Instrumental Edit)
14. Days To Come (Substrata Re-Mix)
15. K-Pax (Re-mix By :Wumpscut:)
16. Shadowless Doctors
17. Corpse ID