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Mobius action cam and gps problem



Napisano: 2018-06-22 14:15:55

I have the möbius cam ( great ill camera) its affecting my Naza gps. As soon as I powere the camera on it starts degrading my gps and I start loseing sattelites. If i shut off i get full sattilite lock This is not a fpv quad. Just stock dji f450 with the naza gps I'm using the internal camera battery. I have the camera and gps separated as far as I can get them. The gps sits up on the back of the quad about foe inches in a copper foil puck. The camera is mounted in the möbius swivel mount that hangs down underneath. I really don't want to wrap the camera in copper tape as I will be using for other things. Someone mentioned spraying the inside with rf shielding. Would this short anything out?

Any help will be apprecited.

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