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Solitary Experiments - Compendium (CD Limited Edition)
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Solitary Experiments - Cause and Effect
Cause and Effect

Data wydania: 2004-03-23
Wydawca: Out Of Line
Solitary Experiments - Advance Into Unknown
Advance Into Unknown
Data wydania: 2003-02-10
Wydawca: Out Of Line

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Solitary Experiments - Compendium (CD Limited Edition)

Solitary Experiments

Data wydania: 2007-12-07

Wydawca: Out Of Line

01 Collateral Damage
02 Seele Bricht
03 Counterpart Two
04 Fast Pain Relief (Suicide Commando Remix)
05 Odyssey Of Mind (Negative Format Remix)
06 Pale Candle Light (X-Fusion Remix)
07 Delight (Sero.Overdose Remix)
08 Homesick (Analogue Brain Remix)
09 Pale Candle Light (Grendel Remix)
10 Delight (Culture Kultür Remix)
11 Still Alive (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
12 Pale Candle Light (Supreme Court Remix)
13 The Dark Inside Me (Captive Of Society Remix)