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The Horrorist - Manic Panic (CD)
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Data wydania: 2012-02-03
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The Horrorist - Manic Panic (CD)

The Horrorist

Data wydania: 2001-01-20

Wydawca: Things To Come Records

01. Can You Hear The Sound?
02. Something For You
03. We Are All Live
04. Run For Your Life
05. Soul Of Emptyness
06. Flesh Is The Fever
07. It Goes Like This
08. Mission Extacy
09. Wet & Shiny
10. Hard Step Future Force
11. The Virus
12. Blood Wings Soar
13. One Night In NYC
14. Into The Moonbeam
15. Into The Moonbeam (Arena Mix)
16. Power Is Force
17. Fire In The Sky