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Vigilante - War Of Ideas [Japanese Limited Edition] (Limited 2CD Digipak)
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Vigilante - War Of Ideas [Japanese Limited Edition] (Limited 2CD Digipak)


Data wydania: 2009-01-31

Wydawca: Death Watch Asia/Black Rain

Disc 1 :-
01. Fair Fight
02. In The Name Of God
03. Fire
04. Forever
05. Get In The Ring
06. Victims
07. Black Day
08. Hardcore
09. Time To Kill
10. Justice
11. Le Derecho De Vivir En Paz
12. Fire (bonus Music Video)

Disc 2 :-
01. Fair Fight (ubm Remix)
02. Fair Fight (the Dreamside Remix)
03. Fair Fight (lamia Remix)
04. Forever (lucia Ponticas Remix)
05. Fair Fight (reel Remix)
06. Fair Fight (sophya Remix)
07. Fair Fight (amateur God Remix)
08. Fair Fight (container 90 Remix)
09. Fair Fight (forgotten Sunrise Remix)
10. Fair Fight (deadcell Remix)
11. The Other Side (alien Produkt Remix)
12. Fire (neikka Rpm Remix)