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Ad.ver.sary - Bone Music (CD Digipak)
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Ad.ver.sary - A Bright Cut Across Velvet Sky
A Bright Cut Across Velvet Sky
CD Digipak
Data wydania: 2009-05-25
Wydawca: Tympanik Audio


Ad.ver.sary - Bone Music (CD Digipak)


Data wydania: 2008-06-16

Wydawca: Tympanik Audio

01. Ancients
02. Waiting For Gira
03. Friends Of Father
04. Bone Music
05. International Dark Skies
06. No Exit
07. Number Nine
08. Just (spooks)
09. Epilogue
10. Friends Of Father (tonikom Remix)
11. Bone Music (antigen Shift Remix)
12. Number Nine (synapscape Remix)
13. Urusai - Learned Helplessness (destroy And Contaminate Mix By Ad.ver.sary)