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Faderhead - Two Sides to Every Story (2CD)
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Faderhead - Two Sides to Every Story (2CD)


Data wydania: 2012-11-23

Wydawca: L-Tracks Records

Disc 1
01. Tanz Zwo Drei Vier
02. Dirtygrrrls/dirtybois (featuring Ultimate Mc)
03. Destroy Improve Rebuild
04. The Way To F*ck God
05. P*ssy Rules (featuring Shaolyn)
06. Horizon Born (electric Paradise Mix)
07. Swedish Models And Cocaine
08. Zig Zag Machinery
09. Fistful Of F*ck You
10. Electrosl*ts Extraordinaire
11. The Protagonist
12. I Got My Bass Back (featuring Shaolyn)
13. Houston
14. Acquire The Fire
15. Join Us
16. Baby Firefly
17. O/h Scavenger

Disc 2
01. Older Now
02. F*ck What You Heard
03. Sentimental Again
04. Mono Man (featuring Dr T)
05. Naughty H
06. Coke For My Ass
07. Friday Night Binge
08. The Lines
09. Girly Show
10. Here With You
11. Inside Of Me
12. Hot Bath And A Cold Razor
13. Vanish
14. Still Missing
15. Ballad Of The Weak
16. The Moth And The Fire
17. Horizon Born (orchestral Version)
18. Exit Ghost