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Rigor Mortiss
Rigor Mortiss - Berlin, Supamolly
Rozpoczęcie: Sobota 2016-04-16 22:00
Zakończenie: Sobota 2016-04-16 23:59
Wstęp: 5 EUR
Autor: Avalanche
Kategoria: Koncert
Miejsce:Niemcy, Berlin, Supamolly (Jessner Straße 41, 10247)
Rigor Mortis – the forefathers of sampler music in Poland, revolving around psycho-industrial noise.
During the three years of activity in the 90s, they played almost 100 gigs, toured with Variete band and performed at the "old" Jarocin in 1992 and 1993.
They return, after twenty years of silence. The original members Maciek Stoliński (vocals) and Jacek Sokołowski (drums) are joined by new blood: Gośka Florczak on samplers and Grzesiek Chudzik on bass. Brand new astonishingly precise material is born.
Contemporary Rigor Mortiis sounds is like ragged Icelandic icebergs’ tops, immense expanse of Scandinavian north, like marriage of Scottish Rosyth port obscured by thick fog at dawn with industrial, torrid afternoon in Ruhr.
Their music is a journey into the deep dark maze of the soul, accompanied by a demolition hammer that rips away the listener from his comfort zone.
Today they create new music genre: psycho industrial minimalism. 

Rigor Mortiss has reactivated after 20 years due to the release of archival materials by Requiem Records. Release of the album, as well as the first concert took place in Warsaw during the event "Old Skull". A year later, the band took part in the project "Miniatury" with Eugeniusz Rudnik music. During the official premiere at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews "Polin" the musicians presented the song "Cyborgernas bon". In September of this year they played at the Requiem Festival. In the meantime, there have been several concerts, among other things the gig with Die Krupps and The Red Paintings. Also this year, the band played at one of the most important industrial festivals in Poland - Wroclaw Industrial Festival.

Close your eyes, open your senses and experience throughout musical emotions:

Doors open: 22:00
Entrance: 5 euro