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The Moon & The Nightspirit, Nemuer
The Moon & The Nightspirit, Nemuer  - Prague, Vagon Klub
Rozpoczęcie: Niedziela 2018-02-25 19:00
Zakończenie: Niedziela 2018-02-25 23:00
Wstęp: 200 Kč
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Autor: carpenterk
Kategoria: Koncert
Miejsce:Czech Republic, Prague, Vagon Klub (OFFICIAL) (Národní 25 - Palác METRO)
Atmosferické duo Nemuer se po třech letech vrací ze Skandinávie pokřtít svou třetí desku "Gardens of Babylon" ve své rodné zemi.
Jako zlatý hřeb večera vystoupí speciální host, Maďarská pagan-folková legenda The Moon and the Nightspirit (Official)!

Začátek: 19:00
Vstupné: 200 Kč

-The Moon and the Nightspirit
The Moon and the Nightspirit invites the listener into the moss-grown heart of the forest, into the emerald world of ageless, sylvan realms, weaving a web where threads of ancient mysticism combine with dreamy atmospheres, where World Music acquires a bewitching pagan aura.

TMATN played at festivals like Wave-Gothic Treffen (Germany), Castlefest (The Netherlands), Festival Mediaval (Germany), Trolls and Legendes (Belgium), Ragnard Rock Festival and Cernunnos Pagan Festival (both in France) etc. We also played outside Europe, at Faeriecon festival in the USA and at Cheoyong World Music festival in South Korea.

Nemuer immerse their listeners into the world of dark fantasy, eerie dreams, and mystical atmosphere.
Nemuer’s experimental music features grim captivating tones of acoustic guitar, primordial chanting, female soprano, traditional and unique instruments, and unusual harmonies.
Their two recent albums from the upcoming octalogy are interconnected with the dark fantasy novel Michael is currently working on. Each album corresponds to one chapter of the book, woven together they create a singularly intense experience.
The project Nemuer is rooted in ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Mayan, and Norse mythology.