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Tiamat - The Musical History Of Tiamat / Wild Live (2CD)
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Tiamat - The Musical History Of Tiamat / Wild Live (2CD)


Data wydania: 1995-05-30

Wydawca: Century Media

1-1 Where The Serpents Ever Dwell
1-2 The Sign Of The Pentagram
1-3 Ancient Entity
1-4 Dead Boys Choir
1-5 The Southernmost Voyage
1-6 A Winter Shadow
1-7 Smell Of Insence
1-8 A Caress Of Stars
1-9 The Sleeping Beauty
1-10 When You're In
1-11 Visionaire
1-12 Do You Dream Of Me?
1-13 A Pocket Sized Sun
2-1 Whatever That Hurts (Live)
2-2 The Ar (Live)
2-3 In A Dream (Live)
2-4 25th Floor (Live)
2-5 Gaia (Live)
2-6 Visionaire (Live)
2-7 Kaleidoscope (Live)
2-8 Do You Dream Of Me (Live)
2-9 The Sleeping Beauty (Live)
2-10 A Pocket Sized Sun (Live)