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Gary Numan - The Story So Far (3CD Box Set)
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Gary Numan - The Story So Far (3CD Box Set)

Gary Numan

Data wydania: 1996-06-22

Wydawca: Receiver Records Limited

CD1 My Dying Machine
CD1-01 Berserker
CD1-02 My Dying Machine
CD1-03 Call Out The Dogs
CD1-04 Your Fascination
CD1-05 Miracles
CD1-06 I Still Remember
CD1-07 I Can't Stop
CD1-08 This Is Love
CD1-09 Machine And Soul
CD1-10 My Breathing
CD1-11 Emotion
CD1-12 The Skin Game
CD1-13 A Child With The Ghost
CD1-14 Generator
CD2 Live - The Sleeproom
CD2-01 Poison
CD2-02 In A Glass House
CD2-03 She Cries
CD2-04 Time To Die
CD2-05 We Need It
CD2-06 Strange Charm
CD2-07 The Need
CD2-08 Creatures
CD2-09 Pump It Up
CD2-10 The God Film
CD2-11 Cold Warning
CD2-12 The Sleeproom
CD2-13 God Only Knows
CD2-14 Love Isolation
CD3-01 Me! I Disconnect From You
CD3-02 Call Out The Dogs
CD3 Time To Die
CD3-03 Emotion
CD3-04 Are 'Friends' Electric?
CD3-05 We Are Glass
CD3-06 U Got The Look
CD3-07 Your Fascination
CD3-08 Time To Die
CD3-09 Cars
CD3-10 The Skin Game
CD3-11 I Die : You Die
CD3-12 My Breathing
CD3-13 Down In The Park
CD3-14 My Shadow In Vain
CD3-15 We Take Mystery (To Bed)
CD3-16 I Can't Stop