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Psy'Aviah - Eclectric + Eclectricism (Limited 2CD Box Set)
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Psy'Aviah - Eclectric + Eclectricism (Limited 2CD Box Set)


Data wydania: 2010-03-19

Wydawca: Alfa Matrix

Disc 1 "eclectric"
01. No Excuse
02. Keep Hope Alive
03. !allaboutyou
04. Something Evil
05. Anger Management
06. Attract/reject
07. Paranoid
08. Blackhole
09. Ophélie (featuring Jean-luc De Meyer)
10. Sweet Hard Revenge
11. Into The Game (featuring Ayria)
12. Twisted Mind
13. Fear (theory)
14. Fear (practice)
15. Rivotril Nights

Disc 2 "eclectricism"
01. Kings & Queens (featuring Kristell Lowagie)
02. Memoires
03. Bad Gods Pray (featuring Sowphie)
04. Seduction
05. Anger Management (ic 434 Re-take)
06. No Excuse (acylum Remix)
07. Sweet Hard Revenge (alpha Q Mix By Encoder)
08. Anger Management (break The Beat Mix By Sebastian Komor)
09. Anger Management ( Remix)
10. Sweet Hard Revenge (dead Errant Soul Remix)
11. Anger Management (essence Of Mind Remix)
12. No Excuse (studio-x Hard Dance Remix)
13. Paranoid (symbols Of A Transient Society Mix By Implant)