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Rome - Hansa Studio Session (CD)
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Rome - Flowers from Exile
Flowers from Exile
CD Digipak
Data wydania: 2009-06-26
Wydawca: Trisol
Rome - To Die Among Strangers
To Die Among Strangers
Boxset Limited Edition
Data wydania: 2009-05-22
Wydawca: Trisol
Rome - Masse Mensch Material
Masse Mensch Material
Data wydania: 2008-03-14
Wydawca: Cold Meat Industry
Rome - Confessions d'Un Voleur d'Ames
Confessions d'Un Voleur d'Ames
Data wydania: 2007-04-23
Wydawca: Cold Meat Industry

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Rome - Hansa Studio Session (CD)


Data wydania: 2017-06-30

Wydawca: Resurrection Records

01 Transference
02 Der Brandtaucher
03 Querkraft
04 Stillwell
05 Reversion
06 Mine
07 The Torture Detachment
08 A Legacy of Unrest