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Acylum - Pest (2CD carton box)
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Acylum - Pest (2CD carton box)


Data wydania: 2015-04-10

Wydawca: Alfa Matrix


CD 1 "Pest"
01. history repeats itself
02. zigeunerjunge
03. romance
04. breivik
05. vaterland
06. our last breath
07. born to be hated
08. pest
09. the rhythm of violence (feat. wynardtage)
10. my knife
11. the plague
12. dear god
13. follow me
14. heads of innocents (feat. cynical existence, ad inferna, ethan fawkes, totem obscura, die braut and monospore)

CD 2 "Cholera" bonus disc only available in the limited carton box edition:
01. zigeunerjunge (c-lekktor remix)
02. born to be hated (A7ie remix)
03. breivik (xotox remix)
04. zigeunerjunge (amduscia Remix)
05. pest (vprojekt remix)
06. my knife (reactor7x rmx)
07. the plague (cygnosic remix)
08. zigeunerjunge (satanized by moon gates project)
09. breivik (project erratic remix)
10. born to be hated (eternal hate remix by nano infect)
11. romance (aengeldust remix)
12. zigeunerjunge (panic lift remix)
13. my knife (too dead to die remix)
14. the plague (mordacious remix)
15. pest (dreamix by avarice in audio)