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The Mission - Live and Last (Limited 2CD)
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The Mission - Live and Last (Limited 2CD)

The Mission

Data wydania: 2009-03-02

Wydawca: Eyes Wide Shut

Disc 1 - Shepherd's Bush Empire, 1st March 2008:-
01. Like A Hurricane
02. Over The Hills And Far Away
03. Bridges Burning
04. Dance On Glass
05. Stay With Me
06. Island In A Stream
07. Love Me To Death
08. Dream On
09. Fabienne
10. Severina
11. Wake (rsv)
12. 1969
13. Shelter From The Storm
14. Tower Of Strength

Disc 2 - Köln, Germany, 24th Februay 2008:-
01. Interview With Wayne Hussey And Janice Long (25 Minutes)
02. Butterfly On A Wheel
03. Naked And Savage
04. Hungry As The Hunter
05. Serpent's Kiss