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The Mission - London Shepherd's Bush Empire (CD)
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The Mission - London Shepherd's Bush Empire (CD)

The Mission

Data wydania: 2008-04-21

Wydawca: Eyes Wide Shut Recordings

01 CD1 Tomorrow Never Knows
02 CD1 Serpent's Kiss
03 CD1 Over The Hills And Far Away
04 CD1 Naked And Savage
05 CD1 Garden Of Delight
06 CD1 Afterglow
07 CD1 Whishing Well
08 CD1 Wake (RSV)
09 CD1 The Crystal Ocean
10 CD1 Like A Hurricane
11 CD1 1969 (Nineteen-Sixty-Nine)
12 CD1 Dancing Barefoot
13 CD1 Beyond The Pale
14 CD1 Shelter From The Storm
15 CD2 Wasteland
16 CD2 Bridges Burning
17 CD2 And The Dance Goes On
18 CD2 Grip Of Disease
19 CD2 Dance On Glass
20 CD2 Stay With Me
21 CD2 Island In A Stream
22 CD2 Love Me To Death
23 CD2 Severina
24 CD2 Let Sleeping Dogs Die
25 CD2 Blood Brother
26 CD2 Deliverance
27 CD2 Garden Of Delight
28 CD2 Evangeline
29 CD2 Sacrilege
30 CD3 Beyond The Pale
31 CD3 A Wing And A Prayer
32 CD3 Fabienne
33 CD3 Divided We Fall
34 CD3 Heat
35 CD3 Heaven On Earth
36 CD3 Dream On
37 CD3 Like A Child Again
38 CD3 Child's Play
39 CD3 Hymn (For America)
40 CD3 Forevermore
41 CD3 Black Moutain Mist
42 CD3 Breathe
43 CD3 Kingdom Come
44 CD3 Tower Of Strength
45 CD4 Amelia
46 CD4 Hands Across The Ocean
47 CD4 Into The Blue
48 CD4 Paradise (Will Shine Like The Moon)
49 CD4 Butterfly On A Wheel
50 CD4 Sea Of Love
51 CD4 Grapes Of Wrath/Lovely
52 CD4 Bird Of Passage
53 CD4 Belief
54 CD4 Hungry As The Hunter
55 CD4 Deliverance
56 CD4 Like A Child Again
57 CD4 Mr. Pleasant
58 CD4 Sepents Kiss
59 CD4 Wasteland
60 CD5 Like A Hurricane
61 CD5 Over The Hills And Far Away
62 CD5 Bridges Burning
63 CD5 Dance On Glass
64 CD5 Stay With Me
65 CD5 Island In A Stream
66 CD5 Love Me To Death
67 CD5 Dream On
68 CD5 Fabienne
69 CD5 Severina
70 CD5 Wake
71 CD5 Forevermore
72 CD5 1969 (Nineteen-Sixty-Nine)
73 CD5 Shelter From The Storm
74 CD5 Tower Of Strength