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MOON.74 - Reborn (Limited Edition) (Remix-Album)
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MOON.74 - Newborn
Data wydania: 2010-10-01
Wydawca: Echozone

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MOON.74 - Reborn (Limited Edition) (Remix-Album)


Data wydania: 2012-12-01

Wydawca: Echozone

01 Gun (Paralyzed Mix)
02 Breath (Rob Dust Remix)
03 Dirty Mind (Tenek Remix)
04 Gun (Dominatrix Remix)
05 Into My Arms (Paralyzed Mix)
06 The Day You Disappear (Oakwood Remix)
07 We Are (Greedy Mix)
08 Oblivion (To The Ground Remix)
09 It's Hurting Me (Naweed Mix)
10 Into My Arms (!distain Remix)
11 We Are (People Theatre's Remix)
12 Gun (Wort-Ton Die Ballade Remix)
13 Moonlanding (Denoisary Remix)
14 Gun (Synthlabor Chillout Remix)
15 We Are (C.Schumacher Remix)
16 The Day You Disappear (Piano Version By Katelectric)